Super Hero Birthday Party!

My kids are getting to the age where they want (ok demand) a say in their birthday party theme. Sigh. So the future 4 year old’s request: Batman. Mother’s compromise: Super Hero Birthday Party done on the cheap and easy.

Cheap & easy Birthday Party location? A public park with a splash pad (July birthday)! An idea which I shamelessly stole from another mother. It takes a village – right?

The kids would be more than occupied on the playground and splash pad – but I still wanted the kids (and parents) to feel that there was some structure to this party. The solution? Make a Super Hero Training Academy with a super skills check list!

Below you’ll find the gist of the party activities – hope this helps get the ball rolling on ideas for your upcoming bash!


Hand out a Super Hero Training check list to each kid (and parent). Having a party at a park can be a bit chaotic. Having some activities and a meeting time for cake really helped with making sure everyone was on the same (check list) page. We stapled small star stickers to the back of the check list so the kids could “check off” their newly mastered super skills.


STYLE: Design your own cape!

We purchased Super Hero mini capes for each child. These were blank so the kids could color them with fabric markers and felt stars.

For each child we also cut out their first initial using felt fabric sheets with a sticky back so they could apply them to their capes.

To add to the theme – we purchased colored Super Hero party masks – these were very cute and cheap!


SPEED: Race through the city and collect super stickers to add to your cape!


We “built” some city buildings using Melissa & Doug Jumbo Cardboard Building Blocks that we already had around the house. We taped black paper to the fronts and yellow squares to replicate windows / doors.

We placed a small basket at each “building” that had Super Hero Stickers inside. The goal was for the kids to run to each “building” and collect the stickers to add to their capes.

AIM: Ready! Aim! Fire Silly String!

Who doesn’t love silly string! What I don’t love is cleaning it up! We attached plastic to a large tree and had it run down onto the ground. This helped with an easy clean up! We stapled a few balloons (with silly faces) to a 2×3 board and the kids had a blast shooting at the funny targets!

X-RAY VISION: Search the area!

Since we were at a park – this was a great way to encourage kids and parents to head out and look around for objects in nature! (this also gave us time to clean up the craft table and get ready for food / cake)

AGILITY: Master an obstacle!

Next, we asked the kids to climb on the play ground equipment. Not a hard ask – since they are kids after all! 🙂

COURAGE: Confront a giant frog!

As I wrote earlier, this park had a splash park. The invitation told parents to have the kids come in swim suits. The water area had a giant frog that squirted water – so this was a great way to invite the kids into the splash pad area.

SHOW UP WHEN YOU’RE NEEDED: Head back to the party area and get your sweet reward!

Adding a line about the time to head back to the party really helped in a large park. Plus you don’t want everyone to miss the best part – cupcakes! I’m a big box cake person – but I do like to add a little more flair to homemade cupcakes. I scored these Super Hero Cupcake picks and liners which were super (pun intended) easy to make!


All in all – the party was a SUPER success! Too bad I can’t replicate it for the next 10 years. Time to get planning on the next one. Sigh.

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