How to build a Raised Garden Bed

One of the most appealing parts of buying a house was the possibility of having a garden. I loved the look of a garden bed. It was a great alternative to digging up the yard and would keep all our veggies in one tidy spot. When I looked into buying a raised garden bed I was shocked that a couple pieces of wood in box form was so expensive. And so here we are…here’s how to build a 3 ft. x 5 ft. raised garden bed.

(4) untreated 2 in. x 4 in. x 96 in. lumber
Landscape Fabric
Fabric & Garden Staples
Heavy Duty Staple Gun
Miter Saw
Cordless Drill
Wood Deck Screws

Every raised garden bed seems to be made of cedar. I had a really hard time finding cedar planks at the big box stores so I opted for untreated 2x4s. I would advise against pressure treated wood as it’s treated with chemicals and you don’t want that seeping into your soil / plants. The shelf life of untreated wood is not long lasting but for a total of $12 – you could build a new one every year for 10 years for the same price as a “pre-made” cedar raised garden bed. My “untreated” home-made garden bed is going on year 3 and is completely fine. But if you can find cedar planks – go for it!

Garden Bed Posts: Measure and mark (1) 2×4 every 12 inches. Using a miter saw – cut each section. You will now have (8) pieces of wood, each 12 inches long. Screw two of these pieces together using (2) deck screws to make a 4 x 4 inch post for your raised garden.

Measure and mark the 8 foot piece of 2×4 at 3 feet. Using the miter saw – cut the wood at your 3 foot mark. You will now have one piece that is 3 feet long and one 5 feet long. Repeat with the remaining 2 x 4s.

Stack (3) of the 5 foot planks, on the 2 inch sides, which will measure 12 inches in height. Secure the each plank to the post using (1) deck screw per plank. Repeat with the other (3) 5 foot planks. Do the same steps with the (3) 3 foot planks until you have made a rectangle.

Line garden bed with a piece of 4′ x 6 ‘ landscape fabric. The fabric should run at least 6 inches up sides of the box. Secure the bottom with fabric staples. Secure the fabric to the sides of the box with heavy duty staples. Add 6 inches of garden soil.

How to build a Raised Garden Bed

(Note: you can make a 2 ft. x 6 ft., 3 ft. x 5 ft. or 4 ft. x 4 ft. raised garden bed with these 8 foot boards). But for these instructions – we’ll stick with building a 3 foot x 5 foot garden bed).

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