Batman & Robin

I know. I know. You’re wondering “Why in the world would I make a Batman and Robin costume.” My mother thought the same thing. But my kids really wanted to take the streets as the Dynamic Duo and I still wanted homemade Halloween costumes! So it was a win-win (ok and lose for my mom) situation!

These costumes really pack a punch with bright colors but have a vintage feel! So yeah – it’s worth making Batman and Robin costumes!


What you’ll need:

  • Tight white leggings (use Rite Dye to turn grey)
  • Tight long sleeve white shirt (use Rite Dye to turn grey)
  • Girls pair of black leggings cut into shorts (or stretch bike shorts) to use as Batman’s “underwear”.
  • Yellow and black pieces of felt for Batman’s chest symbol.
  • Black silky material for Batman’s cape
  • (2) pairs of long black socks
  • Velco

Cut out the Batman bat symbol using the black felt. Cut the yellow felt into a “jelly bean” shape. Glue the bay symbol onto the yellow shape. Attach the complete symbol onto the center of the dyed grey shirt.


A silky black piece of fabric will be used for the cape – this material choice will make the cape move more freely. Attached a band around the neck of the cape. Secure Velcro on the band and on the inside neck of the grey shirt. This is how the cape will attach to the costume.


A black pair of long socks will turn into Batman’s gloves. Cut the “foot” off the socks and stitch the “tube” part into a mitten shape. Attach a black piece of felt to the glove in a shape shown below.

Use a yellow piece of felt to make Batman’s utility belt. And add 3 belt loops to the front.


Use a black piece of felt for the mask and make sure to include the bat ears! For Batman’s boots – use a large pair of long black socks on over top of the shoes!


What you’ll need:

  • Red stretchy fabric for his vest
  • A green t-shirt
  • Yellow felt for his belt, front bars on the vest and “R”
  • Black felt for the circle under the “R”
  • Black faux leather (or felt) for the belt
  • Girls yellow stretch bike shorts (or white and dye them yellow)
  • Yellow silk material for Robin’s cape
  • Green felt for shoes and gloves
  • Velco & Elastic


Cut the red fabric into a vest shaped pattern (see below). The front of the vest (on the left) should have a have a deep upside down “V” cut. The back (on the right) should have a slit in the back so it can go over the head and tie together.


The black belt with yellow belt loops, (5) yellow bars and “R” symbol will be stitch directly on to the front of the vest.


Gather the yellow silky material together to make pleats at the top of the cape. Add a band around the neck and attach Velco to the band and the inside of the vest so the cape can attach.


For Robin’s booties – follow the pattern below (twice). Fold in half and stitch together the heel, the “laces” part of the foot. Cut a slit at the top so the foot to go through. Add elastic bands to the soles of  booties. These booties will go over top tennis shoes.


Use green felt and cut (4) mitten shapes. Add elastic to the wrists so they stay on your child’s hand. Stitch (2) mittens together to make a pair.

Place a green tee-shirt under the vest. Add flesh colored tights for warmth under the yellow bike shorts and a black mask for disguise!


Holy Halloween! It’s Batman and Robin!

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  1. Debbie Lester says:

    Adorable costumes and adorable kids!

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