Pinocchio: A Real Live Boy

GAH! I’m sorry I just can’t help it! This kid is so damn cute as Pinocchio! My mom MADE this costume for my son’s 2nd Halloween. He was the picture perfect Pinocchio with his brown, floppy hair and he was shockingly into the costume for only being 15 months old at the time.

I’m now kicking myself for not documenting the “how to” of this creation but I’ll quickly walk through how my mom “Geppetto” put this together.

WARNING: If you are a seamstress, look away. This post will burn your eyes.

The Hat: This Yellow Alpine Felt Hat worked great. Small slits were made close to the brim and  elastic bands were threaded through those slits. Two of the bands hugged the sides of his head and a middle band which was a little longer and loose rested on the top of his head. A 2+1/4 inch wide by 20 inch long piece of the same blue fabric used for the bow was doubled over and sewn to make a band which was then fabric glued to the hat covering the slits/elastic.

The Shirt: Get a white cotton shirt (or yellow if you can find it in the same color as the hat) and dye the shirt with Golden Yellow Rit Dye. Pin the sleeves up to make them 3/4 length.

The Bow Tie: My mom made this with blue satin fabric. The bow part was cut in the shape of an over-sized bow tie. She then used another piece of fabric to bunch the loop in the middle to form a bow tie.

Peter Pan Collar: This was created with white fabric and interfacing to give it stiffness.  Velcro was sewn on the underside of the collar which was attached to velcro sewn on the collar of the yellow shirt. Snaps were sewn on the bow which attached to snaps on the shirt and collar.

DIY Pinocchio Halloween Costume

The Vest:  Two pieces of 9 X 12 stiffened black felt cut as shown and sewn at the shoulder and along the sides of the vest. Yellow bias tape was sewn along all edges of the vest,

The Shorts: You can use a pair of your child’s shorts as a pattern in order to make the costume shorts. Place (wrapping) tissue paper on top of  the shorts and cut the paper using the shorts as a guide. Two panels for the front and two panels for the back (which are a little larger)

The first tissue pattern will not be large enough to account for seams and the bagginess of the costume shorts, therefore, you will need to make a larger pattern using your first pattern as a guide and adding about 1.5 inches around. It’s always best make the pants larger because you can always take them in on the sides if you need to.

DIY Pinocchio Halloween Costume

Place the larger tissue pattern on top of the fabric and cut fabric to the same size. Two panels for the front and two panels for the back. Sew the two front panels together down the front until you reach the crotch (see dotted lines) making sure that the outsides of the fabric (what you will see when it is worn) are facing each other.  Repeat this step with the two back panels.

DIY Pinocchio Halloween Costume

Match the front panel of the shorts with the back panel of the shorts, making sure that the outside of the fabric is facing each other.  Match, pin and sew the crotch of the front panel to the crotch of the back panel.  Fold 1 inch of fabric to make the waist band and leg hems. You can either sew it just like that (I mean , it is just a costume after all) or fold under 1/4 inch to make a more finished hem.  Because this little Pinocchio was still in diapers the shorts were intentionally made bigger to make them easier to slip them off but still held up by the shoulder straps. Even still, I made them way too big! As it turned out it was a good problem to have as I was able to sew the sides (the last step in the creation of the shorts) to just the right size.

The shoulder straps were made by cutting  two pieces of fabric 3.5 inches wide by 19 inches long. This will vary depending on the size of the costume wearer. The fabric was folded in half lengthwise  with the outside of the fabric facing each other. It was then sewn with a 1/4 inch seam allowance down the length of the strap and one end of the strap was also sewn closed. The strap was then turned right side out (see picture on the right to help reverse the fabric. We used a butter knife to slip it through). This created two 1.5 inch straps.

Why a butter knife? Because after working with power tools this project didn’t seem dangerous enough.

Add big, yellow buttons on the front of the shorts to hold them up.  The same blue material that was used for the bow and hat band was also used for the sides of the shorts. Another piece of decorative ribbon was sewn on top of the blue fabric strip.

The Gloves: These were children’s white gloves. In order to fit a smaller child, my mom cut the finger tips and sewed them back up to fit his hands.

The Shoes: A pair of Old Navy boots

There you have it! A real live boy!

DIY Pinocchio Halloween Costume

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