Curious George & The Man with the Yellow Hat

I was a lucky kid. I always had homemade Halloween costumes. There is NOTHING wrong with a store bought costume but there is something special about thinking of what you want to be and creating it! Or having your mom create it!

Curious George & Man with the Yellow Hat Costumes When I had my second son, I was even more excited that my kids could have coordinating costumes. Maybe one day I’ll be a mom who allows their kids to pick their costumes, but for now, this is purely for my enjoyment.

My oldest son is obsessed with Curious George so I got my wish of  complimentary costumes and he got his wish to be the Man with the Yellow Hat with Curious George by his side, aka his baby brother.

Once again, this costume was put together before we had this blog so our documentation is not thorough. We’ll hopefully be able to show you how easily you can put this together.

WARNING: If you are a seamstress, we know, we know, nothing on this post is proper technique.

Curious George

My little monkey was 6 months old at the time. My mom deconstructed an old pair of his pajamas and used it as a pattern. The pajamas were smaller than his current size so the furry material was cut approximately 1+1/2 inch larger than the “pattern” to account for the seams and his growth!  The front and the back panels were sewn together down the sides, tops of the shoulders and along the inside legs and crotch. The arm panels were sewn in around the under arm and shoulder area and then were sewn up the length of the arm. The zipper was put in after the suit was completed in a way that no self respecting seamstress would ever do.

The zipper was hand sewn on the inside of the back panel while the panel was still in one piece.  The suit was then turned right side out and then the fabric was cut along the zipper line from the outside.  Unorthodox, I know, but this was costume meant to be worn once, not something expected to last or to be sewn perfectly.  In other words, we don’t know how to properly sew a zipper into a garment.

The cap portion of the hat was assembled in 3 pieces.   A 6 inch wide piece that went from the front hairline to the nape of the neck. Two semi circle pieces then covered the sides of the head.  The hat was turned inside out and placed on his little head to be pinned and tweaked. It was taken in and readjusted until it fit. The seams were the sewn and an elastic strap, which was covered with the same material, was added to the hat to keep it on his head.  Flesh color faux leather fabric was used to created these cute monkey ears – which were sewn into the sides of the hat.

Curious George & The Man with the Yellow Hat

There were actually little monkey hands and feet made with the same fabric but you know how kids are – they were off before they were on.

Curious George & The Man with the Yellow Hat


Curious George Costume

The Man with the Yellow Hat

The shirt and pants were store bought but they were originally white. The button down shirt was from Old Navy and the pants were girls white stretch jeans  from Walmart. They were  dyed with Golden Yellow Rit Dye. The belt was made from felt and 2 metal D-rings.


The tie was also made from white fabric and dyed in the same yellow color.  The material was knotted around an elastic band. And a piece of thin cardboard was placed inside the tie to give it structure. Black felt dots were glued to the tie.

Faux brown leather material was used to create the boots. They were constructed around his shoes but did not have bottoms. This was so my son could still wear his tennis shoes underneath.

The hat was an old fedora that was puffed out. Yellow felt was glued on to the fedora and a black felt band was added around the hat.

Man with the Yellow Hat Costume

Happy Halloween! And don’t forget to be a good little monkey!

Curious George & Man with the Yellow Hat Costumes

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