A blog about a mother and a daughter
and their endless “to-do list” of
home (making, improving, cooking) projects

I’ve mentioned this blog idea to my mother, Linda, several times. Actually, more than several. And each time she said “No one wants to hear about our projects. We don’t know what we’re doing. We wing it. We’re not experts.” I agree – but we still enjoy tackling our “to-do list” of home projects together, and often our friends and family are amazed with the outcomes. Or they’re just being nice. At the very least – I hope this is a place where we can look back on our accomplishments. We’re all over the map in terms of direction – but if you’re looking for a home making/home renovating/home cooking blog – we hope you enjoy Sew Watts Cooking!

Lisa & (reluctant) Linda

Disclaimer: We are not professionals in any of the areas we’re blogging about. Our attempts are trial and error. But we feel that most mistakes can be fixed with shims and cornstarch.